Kelsey T.

Dallas, Texas

I came across Jaime Filer on IG one day, just when I needed to find a Coach to get me back into decent shape. Something about Jaime, being my Coach, drew me in and I reached out to her. Not even an hour later she responds, and it was the BEST decision I have ever made. Every month was a new challenge; food (macro count which I have never done) and exercises were constantly changing.  I was finding confidence in myself, I was being happy, I was constantly working on myself, and any time I had a question, Jaime had no issues answering me. One of my goals was just to get a flat stomach, and one day, I saw abs. I sent her a picture and told her I wanted my money back because I didn’t ask for abs! Jaime Filer is extremely knowledgeable, personal, kind but tough as a Coach, and understands that life can hit you hard. Jaime not only walks the talk, but she kicks ass everyday to challenge not only herself, but her wife Katie as well. Everything she does, and Katie do together, is uplifting.

Wendy G.

Dallas, Texas

I was lucky enough to be a client of Jaime’s. The progress was amazing and I loved the workouts. They were challenging and kept me on my toes! I’ve tried a few other trainers and just didn’t like the programs they gave out. It was either not challenging enough for me, or the diet I was given was not sustainable for my activity and lifestyle. Not only were Jaime’s workouts great, but she was amazing about giving me what I wanted in a workout and working with my cardio (it’s a must I run with my dogs in the morning!). If you’re looking for an extremely knowledgeable and supportive coach, look no further.

Joy S.

Toronto, Canada

I can’t possibly say enough positive things about Jaime as a coach. I’m a fitness professional myself and we all know that even a coach needs a coach. Jaime was able to help me hone in on some small modifications I needs to make to truly look, feel, and perform at my best. She was extremely supportive and flexible and was always accessible when I had questions or just needed a sounding board. She was open to my suggestions and really got to know me as a client and a person which made her program logical and easy to follow. I absolutely saw and felt a difference in my body and my mindset over the course of several months of working with her. Jaime is an incredible person and coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make change, big or small!

Saleena L.

Los Angeles, California

You are awesome Before I signed up with Jaime I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and fitness goals. Not only did Jaime work with me on eating better in order to meet my goals but I could still eat many of the things I truly enjoyed. While I was excited about dropping pounds I was most excited about the fact that at 41 I was in some of the best shape of my life and that’s saying a lot for a former athlete. Each month Jaime gave a custom plan of things I enjoyed and new things to challenge me. One of the best decisions I’ve made is having Jaime as a coach and I’m always recommending her to friends and strangers.

Brian S.

Toronto, Canada

I first met Jaime 10 years ago when she was still in school. She was the first one to help me on this journey when I was over 350 pounds. After awhile I had to stop due to personal reasons, but when I knew I wanted to get serious again, I knew Jaime was the one to go to. She gives me exactly what I need every month, personalized diet and workout program ON TIME. She has now helped me lose 26 pounds in 4 months. I could not have done this without Jaime’s knowledge and support.

More Testimonials from Amazing Clients!


"You are doing great: When I have questions and most of the time not really related to a work out you take the time to answer them and at the end of it you still respect me as a person which is amazing. You tell me almost every time that you are excited and can't wait and that makes me really happy to know that I'm not just a pay check to my PT but you generally care about how I'm progressing and you want to work with me. One of the best things you do is you take on my goals and you do everything possible to get me where I want to be and in doing so you give me your positive energy you give me your belief that I can do it and that is what pushes me to keep working with you. I personally like the fact that when I was checking you out to make sure you where legit you had a website with why you do what you do and it came across as so personal and you really love what you do and you continue to prove that all the time. You had different options/plan that suit all people I got to choose what plan I went on and you worked with me and encouraged me when I failed on a check in, you don't just say okay you failed you get to why and help where you can that is a great thing of a person PT and that so important you make me feel like I can trust that you work just has hard as I do."

"You're one of the best coaches I've had. You stuck by me when I go MIA at times. Plus you ain't let me give up when I really wanted to. Like what more can I ask for?? Some coaches that I've dealt with in the past wouldn't have even done half of that and I've had more then a few coaches over the years."



"Dude....To be honest you are on point. You are one of those people who people (myself) aspire to be. You focus on your personal life, and let the world know!! You share your fitness and life journey daily with the world inspiring and encouraging others to set goals and prove to them that it can be obtained. I honestly couldn't ask for a better trainer, I know that I don't communicate very well but I know that you are there when and if I need anything at all. You have provided me with a program that I absolutely love and am able to stick to. I feel my life changing daily and have you to thank for providing me with the tools and support to allow me to make do this. So I have absolutely Zero complaints!! Thank you for all you do!!"

"Jaime, Where to begin! You are awesome! In all seriousness you are organized, compassionate, motivating, hard working, and truly genuine. I’ve been trying to think of a helpful critique all day but I don’t have any changes for you to make. You never give up on a client and it always feels like you are 100% invested in my needs. I went without you for a month and hated it, so keep doing what you are doing!!!"