Education And Training

I feel it is important that you believe and trust your trainer not just as a person, but with their knowledge of the human body.

Years of Experience

I have trained over 150 clients over the course of 14 years. Every type of body, fitness goal, and/or competition type.

I specialize in creating high intensity, fat burning and/or muscle building workouts for you. Whatever your goal, I can make a program tailored specifically to that.

I am currently the head Coach at Crossfit ABF in Clearwater, Florida.

Personal Training

Level 1 Certified

Canadian Fitness Professional
Certified Personal Trainer

St. Johns Ambulance
Adult CPR/AED and child CPR certified

Formal Education

York University – Toronto, ON
Bachelor’s of Arts Degree with Honors in Kinesiology
Diploma in Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counseling

The National Personal Training Institute
Personal Training

Penn Foster Career School
Physical Therapy Aide program

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