Value: $250

Assessment Why

A good look at current lifestyle Eliminates potential “blockers” to your goals Evaluation of current die Paints a clearer picture of your eating habits.

Assessment of current physique a road map in order to create a unique plan for you.

Analysis of current training understand your comfortability in and outside of the gym

Your Training Plan

Value: $200

​Training Why

Specially customized workout allows you to train in a way that aligns with your lifestyle, matches what you have in your gym, and prevents injury.

Personalized cardio plan

Body  burn fat differently; based on my assessment, this allows you to maximize your workout for your body type


Your Diet Plan

Value: $200


Personalized  macro count or

Personalized meal plan Makes it possible for you to eat in a regimented and calculated way to build your fitness.

Suggested and necessary supplement plan allows you to have catalysts to build muscle faster

Coaching Assistance

Value: $125

Coaching Why

24 hour response via Instagram direct message or e-mail. Expert answers to your questions about your training.

SKYPE/FACE TIME one-on-one phone calls. You will receive actionable feedback from me on a routine basis to help you tweak and modify your training as needed.

Weekly check-ins  enables you to share your measurements, photographs, and other information with me.

Consistent updates to your plan. You will have a plan that is always customized to your evolving growth; never get bored.


Total Value: $775

Your Cost: $247 / mo

3 Months up front: $667 [Save $74]

6 Months up front: $1260 [Save $222]