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Aren’t you tired of beating yourself up over the smallest things?

Aren’t you tired of letting friends, family, and significant others have control over how you feel about yourself?

Do you want to learn how to stand up for yourself, develop positive habits, and start talking to yourself with encouragement and inspiration?

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WHAT is the Inner Outer Strength Program?

There I was, a recovering anorexic who struggles with anxiety, trying to hide from the world due to my lack of confidence.

The thing is, at the time, I was too young to have a gym membership, and had no idea where to get proper information on nutrition and workout, in addition to some emotional support along the way.

The big problem was that I knew I wanted to get healthy. I know I had the POTENTIAL to be healthy and make good choices, but I was so upset and caught in a vicious cycle about all the things I had done, and mistakes I had made about how I was treating my body.  

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…
My mom told me she was scared that she would have to bury me. I realized that I was actually bringing MORE negative attention to myself and my eating disorder, when in fact, I was trying to hide it from the world.

Eventually, it became crystal clear to me how to reconnect my body with my mind, because they had to start working together in a healthy way if I was going to come out of this. What it came down to was that I had to acknowledge WHY I felt like I wasn’t worthy of health.


My plan was to start talking to someone about what I’m struggling with and why.

So I started changing my approach to training (it was geared towards what my body could do, not what it looked like). But I didn’t stop there. I came clean to my parents and friends about how I was feeling.

After that, I started writing in a journal to keep notes of my process and progress.

Building on that success, I decided that I was qualified to talk to other women about what I went through and help them.

We called it “The Inner Outer Strength program”.

With The Inner Outer Strength program, I can now look in the mirror and like what I see, I have a healthy relationship with my body, with the scale, and with food!

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

“You are providing such a high level of attention to me (and I assume every client you have) that I am in awe that we aren’t actually meeting in person. Your care with diet restrictions or health concerns is beyond anything I ever could have imagined. And you understand that your guidance and everything you ask your clients to do needs to fit within their lives with their priorities, or they won’t stick with it. It feels like you not only understand that training, coaching, and mentoring isn’t one size fits all,  but you embrace the challenge of helping people on their terms. Your custom plans are legitimately customized, even if the words on the documents look similar.

I am in awe of your own personal work ethic and your drive to fuel that fire in your clients and followers. You’re the kind of leader who people WANT to follow because you are so dedicated to the heart of your passion. You can’t help but motivate others! And you don’t let that intrinsic implied power go to your head, instead you bear the mantle of leadership and responsibility with grace and respect for every single person you could possibly encounter along the way. There is such a remarkable quiet dignity in the way you interact with others. You. Are. Sincere. In. Every. Word.”

– Jess K

“I chose you as my coach because I felt a connection through your Instagram account and your stories.We have a few Things in common too. So I am pretty lucky 
What I like about your work is, that it is not just about work outs or the right meals, it is more! You work with me also on my mentality. I think this is important when we want to grow, seeing the human holistic.
Your mails are always pushing me, and it feels great, to read some good words About how I am doing. We all know it is important to give recognition to ourselfs, but to be honest, it feels good, when someone else tells you this too. 
You always response so quickly, even we have time difference (6 Hours). I have the Feeling you Always try to give your best!”       

— Kati

What My Clients Say

“I think you’re incredible. You’re real. You’re always positive, kind, supportive, and inspiring. It makes me want to do what you do, or at least it makes me question how I can inspire my students and the people around me to be better versions of themselves. Last Sunday my sister-in-law said to me, “Jess, I’ve been loving your Instagram lately.” When I asked her why,

she said, “It has just been so positive and inspiring.” 

I love when you send voice messages or an occasional video (although I think the only time you sent a video was your first response to my drunken shenanigans, and I barely remember it). Since you don’t do it too often, it’s always a fun surprise and makes the relationship that more special, just like when you randomly check in with me as opposed to the other way around. Along the same lines, it’s always nice when you remember/reference some of the little details about me – like being a teacher, a roller coaster nerd, etc.

Programming has been great. I’ve noticed such a difference in my strength. Sometimes on leg day I think you think I’m stronger than I actually am. Either that or you’re trying to kill me”
— Jess D

I don’t really believe in a whole lot. BUT, what I do believe in is.. I believe people come into ur life to teach you lessons good, bad OR both! With that being said prior to us connecting I was not in a good place at all. Without going into to detail and being overly dramatic. Over the summer two of the most important things to me were changed and altered in my life. And sadly I can never go back and change them and have them back. I was not functioning or I guess living on the surface. Until one day one of my friends passed along your name as she saw some of ur postings etc.! I thought about it and then reached out to you. Which probably was one of the best things I have ever done, wishing I had done this long ago!! I guess point being I needed to contact you & at the exact time to love and take care of myself! You showed me to believe in myself AND for myself again! I’ve always been into nutrition & fitness. But, I guess you just showed me that magic combo at the right time! So sorry if this was more than what u were asking for. But, I wanted to answer in honesty! So hopefully you can take this and know that what your doing and how ur helping has certainly helped me and is noticed! So thank you, thank you .
— SJ

WHO is the Inner Outer Strength Program For?

If you are a woman who is looking to improve your self-esteem and motivation for LIFE; 

This program is for YOU. 


What's Included in the Program?

CH.01 Social Media Consumption

- Going on an information "diet"
- How to use social media properly
- What to eliminate and keep on your feed

CH.02 Harnessing Your Momentum

- How to kick ass at life
- How to harness discipline and desire
- Discovering your inner fire

CH.03 Choosing Your Surroundings

- How to decide who stays in "your circle"
- How to let things / people go
- Why we let people take away our power

CH.04 Establishing Real Commitment

- How to decide what's important
- How to define "commitment"
- How to establish your reasons for committing

CH.05 Finishing Strong

- The point and call method
- How to remove bad habits from your life
- Access to my "Motivation Mondays" for whenever you're lacking

CH.06 Starting Something New

- Why "the perfect time" isn't a thing
- How to just do it, even when you don't feel like it

Together, You Can Be More.

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