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Supplements are paramount to any training program. We don’t all eat the way we’re supposed to, and yet we beat our bodies up every time we go to the gym. Supplements like protein, Omega 3’s, and even pre-workout powders are designed to ‘supplement’ what we’re already eating and doing. They’re there as an insurance policy to get the most out of our performance in the gym and in the kitchen.


Code: JAIM91

We all kept a diary when we were younger to track important events in our lives, or daily happenings, so why did we stop as adults? Gym Gypsy helps you keep track of your workouts, mood, and food every day so that you can stay on track and accountable. If you write it down in front of you, it’s REAL. It’s tangible and permanent. You can go back to reflect on past performances and what you ate to help you reach your goals and get better every day.


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It’s like your fitness birthday every month! GainzBox is a monthly delivery of personalized functional fitness products & apparel to elevate your workouts. It’s Professional athlete approved and has everything from protein samples, to callus removers, to tank tops and workout gear. Every month they feature different sponsors so you never know what you’re going to get – but it’s all useful.


Code: JAIM91

Not everyone has the time to dedicate to meal prepping. Our lives get hectic, and sometimes, it would be awesome if someone did the work for us. Enter EvolvKitchen. You can either choose macro-friendly recipes from the signature menu, or MAKE foods fit your macros by picking form their a la carte menu. EK is also helpful when you’re traveling within Florida, as you don’t have to worry about eating out every meal while you’re on vacation; they’ve got you covered.


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I know that CBD is kind of taboo, but when you have to choose between mental illness, muscle soreness, or doing something taboo, I choose the latter. Having suffered from anxiety for the last few years, I know first hand how helpful this ‘medicine’ can be. Honestly, it’s nature’s herb, and I’m so lucky to be able to say it’s helped me considerably. Whether you use the vape, the cream, or the topical, Herbstrong is ridiculously potent for calming your mind and relaxing your body.