I came across Jaime Filer on IG one day, just when I needed to find a Coach to get me back into decent shape. Something about Jaime, being my Coach, drew me in and I reached out to her. Not even an hour later she responds, and it was the BEST decision I have ever […]
I was lucky enough to be a client of Jaime’s. The progress was amazing and I loved the workouts. They were challenging and kept me on my toes! I’ve tried a few other trainers and just didn’t like the programs they gave out. It was either not challenging enough for me, or the diet I […]
I can’t possibly say enough positive things about Jaime as a coach. I’m a fitness professional myself and we all know that even a coach needs a coach. Jaime was able to help me hone in on some small modifications I needs to make to truly look, feel, and perform at my best. She was […]
You are awesome Before I signed up with Jaime I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and fitness goals. Not only did Jaime work with me on eating better in order to meet my goals but I could still eat many of the things I truly enjoyed. While I was excited about dropping […]
I first met Jaime 10 years ago when she was still in school. She was the first one to help me on this journey when I was over 350 pounds. After awhile I had to stop due to personal reasons, but when I knew I wanted to get serious again, I knew Jaime was the […]