Kelsey T. | Dallas, Texas

I came across Jaime Filer on IG one day, just when I needed to find a Coach to get me back into decent shape. Something about Jaime, being my Coach, drew me in and I reached out to her. Not even an hour later she responds, and it was the BEST decision I have ever made. Every month was a new challenge; food (macro count which I have never done) and exercises were constantly changing.  I was finding confidence in myself, I was being happy, I was constantly working on myself, and any time I had a question, Jaime had no issues answering me. One of my goals was just to get a flat stomach, and one day, I saw abs. I sent her a picture and told her I wanted my money back because I didn’t ask for abs!

Jaime Filer is extremely knowledgeable, personal, kind but tough as a Coach, and understands that life can hit you hard. Jaime not only walks the talk, but she kicks ass everyday to challenge not only herself, but her wife Katie as well. Everything she does, and Katie do together, is uplifting.