Author: Jaime Filer

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RunEverythingLabs.com Code: JAIM91 Supplements are paramount to any training program. We don’t all eat the way we’re supposed to, and yet we beat our bodies up every time we go to the gym. Supplements like protein, Omega 3’s, and even pre-workout powders are designed to ‘supplement’ what we’re already eating and doing. They’re there as […]
Want to take control of your life? Have you always wondered about the secret to health, wealth, success, and happiness? It starts by owning everything that has ever happened to you; good and bad. I teach you how to process all of it, and use that to make your life better! I Want This Book […]
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I shouldn’t need to convince you that a trainer is the right choice. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone did the thinking for you in the gym, and you had a nice, neat, EFFECTIVE program designed specifically for you and your goals? You don’t have to think too much or too hard about what to […]