Silver Plan


Value: $250
A good look at current lifestyleEliminates potential “blockers” to your goals
Evaluation of current dietPaints a clearer picture of your eating habits
Assessment of current physiqueA roadmap in order to create a unique plan for you
Analysis of current trainingUnderstand your comfortability in and outside of the gym

Your Training Plan

Value: $125
Easy to follow workout planAllows you to develop a routine for your fitness plan and feel comfortable in the gym
Separate cardio planIn addition to strength, my plan will include a routine for you to incorporate fat-burning cardio in your workout

Your Diet Plan

Value: $175
Personalized macro count
Personalized meal plan
Makes it possible for you to eat in a regimented and calculated way to build your fitness
Recommendations of essential supplementsAllows your body to have additional nutrition to make the most of your workouts and food intake

Coaching Assistance

Value: $110
Weekly e-mails check-insEnables you to share your measurements, photographs, and other information with me

Total Value: $660

Your Cost: $147 / mo

3 Months up front: $397 [Save $44]
6 Months up front $750[Save $132]

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