Why do I need a trainer?

I shouldn’t need to convince you that a trainer is the right choice. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone did the thinking for you in the gym, and you had a nice, neat, EFFECTIVE program designed specifically for you and your goals? You don’t have to think too much or too hard about what to do, nor do you have to go through your routine like a robot, always using the same machines because you don’t know what else to do.

Here are three of the million and one reasons you need someone to help coach you to and through your goals!

1) Because you’re not a personal trainer

I went to university. I have a post-secondary degree with Honors. I know how to do math. That does not qualify me to be an accountant or a book-keeper. Similarly, just because you know how to bench or you’ve seen an ab routine on Instagram, doesn’t mean you know how to design a training and nutrition program properly for your goals. You wouldn’t be your own doctor; you’d go to a professional. If you’re not a certified trainer, then you need someone who is to make you a comprehensive training program geared towards your goals.

2) Accountability

Sure you CAN go to the gym and eat clean, but you aren’t. Or at least, you haven’t been … consistently. You can post pictures on Instagram and Facebook all day, but when it comes down to it, there’s no one THERE with you holding you accountable. Knowing there’s someone out there expecting results from you; someone who believes in your goals as much as you do, could be the difference between success and failure. That check in is as much an emotional one as it is a physical one.

3) You’re getting hurt or you ARE hurt

People see, people do. You see someone using a piece of equipment in the gym, and you decide to try it yourself, but do you know HOW it works? Do you know where to put the seat? At what height the bar should be? Where you should be feeling it? Trainers and coaches are sherpas; people who’ve navigated the territory before and are here to take you on your journey with no injuries, or to help you get through an injury.

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